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  • #002: Toxie CASSETTE

    run of 100 tapes on white shells with clear/black-backed cases. Hand-dubbed, hand-everything-elsed. With FREE mixtape for one week only
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Toxie are our first outfit from overseas, hailing from Memphis, Tennessee. We’ll be reissuing a tape that was previously sold exclusively on tour. The band have a mellow vibe created by dreamy vocals, however this is contrasted by electronic elements and squealing guitar hooks. Toxie tie in surf and shoegaze elements to create something really fresh.
Those that don’t know better might lump them into a retro post-punk or C86 thing - but there’s more going on. This Memphis foursome is banging out a well-crafted racket all their own. Alex Burden’s Nico-esque vocals ooze all over shimmery guitars from Madison Farmer (Coasting) and buzzy keyboard hooks from Magic Kids mastermind Will McEllroy. Ben Bauermeister’s rat-a-tat keeps it all on track.


released June 8, 2013

Alexandra - Bass / Vox
Ben - Drums
Madison - Guitar / Vox
Will - Guitar / Synths



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